“The Mission Walker is a marvelous book, a moving meditation on the relationships between courage and faith, endurance and transcendence.” Randall Sullivan, Creator, The Miracle Detective, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)

“Edie Littlefield Sundby’s account of her amazing trek along the entirety of the California Mission Trail is not only captivating and inspiring but also one heck of an outdoors adventure.” Les Standiford, Author

“This powerful story of determination and faith will stay with you forever.” Ken Budd Journalist/Author

“… a powerful narrative that takes us through the author’s harrowing journeys, inward and outward.” JoBeth McDaniel Journalist/Author

“There are parts of this book that I couldn’t pull myself away from…. that left me with profound messages. Incredible memoir!!! Incredible woman!!!!” 5 Stars Elyse Walters, #3 Top Reviewer, Goodreads



“ … this one book, this one woman, this one powerful journey completely changed my life. I read The Mission Walker in one day and was rocked by every page. This book will not only show you the unfathomable spirit of a very special woman, but it will make you search your own inner spirit and realize just how much living you have to do! Keep on walking, Edie!!!!”

“When confronted with unimaginable challenges all we have are our life stories and heart. This book is about Edie’s story and heart…read it and contemplate.”

“This is a marvelous book of courage and hope. The story is awe-inspiring.  The story of her maintaining her faith through all this is truly inspirational.”

“I strongly recommend this book.  It is a testimony of faith and courage.”

“Courage, Faith, and an Amazing Journey … Walk on, Edie. You walk strong. You walk with God. Thank you for letting us walk with you.”

“If you want to find encouragement because you are faced with a challenge that can not be overcome read this book.”

“From the shock of cancer diagnosis to the personal moments of triumph – this is one exciting adventure!”

“A book that you will keep thinking about it long after you finish it! A great read for those that need a fresh perspective on life in this crazy world we live in. The Mission Walker is an incredible story of one woman’s fearless fight against cancer.  Memoirs are typically slow reads for me, but this was a true pager turner that reads more like an adventure novel. I couldn’t put it down as soon as I started reading it.”

“Even if you do not enjoy biographies, memoirs… this is a book worth reading! The adventure alone will hook you.”

“I have run the gamut of emotions while reading this wonderful journey of such faith and really ‘true grit’.  Edie writes in a way that makes you feel each step, each tear and each triumph as if you were beside her.  Its on my list of all time favorites!”

“I resonated with every word, every line, and every page of her book. Her book inspires all who face their mortality to move forward—siempre adelante. Hers is the ultimate story of survival as she pushes onward while echoing the simple life affirmation, ‘All is well.‘”

“Walk a mile in her shoes, and you will be inspired to meet life’s challenges with the grace, grit, and just plain gumption that Edie embodies. After reading this book, it has become my touchstone. I  frequently ask myself “WWED” What would Edie Do?  Edie’s journey is a guide for all.”

“Such an amazing story. I am at a loss for words …”

“My favorite phrase from the author is ‘if I can move, I’m not sick.’ Truly inspirational and challenging to all of us to keep moving and experience life every day to the fullest.”

“A beautifully written and inspiring wake up call to start living your life today! The end is often only the beginning … I will be relying on this book for years to come.”

“This book is not only a testimony to the strength that lies within the human spirit, but also a well researched chronicle of the adversity experienced by the early missionaries and their contributions to the founding of the Golden State.”

“I couldn’t put this book down. Edie’s strength, courage and faith in God are remarkable. Thank you for the inspiration I got from reading your book!  It came at the perfect moment in my life.”

“Captivating story that is an inspiration to all. Beauty surrounds us, attitude is everything, live life to it’s fullest, Never give up!”

“One of the best adventure stories I’ve read in a long time.  Edie’s amazing journey of faith, trust and sheer determination to complete the almost impossible trek, and without a few important organs made this a nail biter for me.”

“When faced with cancer and all its horrible options, treatments, remissions, recurrences, roller coaster ups and downs, Edie undertakes a two part physical and spiritual journey on the 1,600-mile California Mission Trail. Her journey is truly amazing.”

“What an amazing story; what an amazing woman! Reading this book you will feel like you are right at her side, experiencing her fears and her joys, her fatigue and her hunger, her doubts and her faith, but most of all, her gratitude and enduring reverence for this life on earth.”

“Edie’s story is about defying the odds of surviving incurable cancer and the challenge to walk 1600 miles along the El Camino Real. This book is a life changer. It will inspire you to brave the path of living a life of possibilities one step at a time.”

“This is a great read for someone looking to be inspired. I cannot think of any better representation of pure courage. Edie followed her soul on her 1,600 mile journey along the mission trail. Edie shows us that everything we need, our courage, strength, love, and happiness; is already within us. She teaches us to never let the hardships of our past and the uncertainty of our future ruin the happiness of our present.”

“As I read this book, I was torn, I wanted to read to the end, and I never wanted it to end! Edie’s travels through the healthcare system could have taken her to many destinations, and, by grace, faith and many miracles, off she goes seeking the Camino Real.  Step by step, mile after mile, Edie lets us into her life, and it is an unforgettable experience…”

“This is a wonderful book. Not only of survival, but of faith. It’s hard to put down. I would love to read a sequel.”

“As someone who enjoys adventure stories and wilderness travel, I found this book to be outstanding. The trek through the deserts and mountains of Mexico is gripping and a real page turner!”

“How can anyone go through so much and still have the will to walk on???  Truly an amazing story.”

“I LOVE this book, Edie’s story is amazing! Her FAITH is inspiring! Her adventurous SPIRIT makes her storytelling AWESOME!”