“To come so close to the edge of the abyss and be pulled back made life more intense and sweet. I saw everything through new eyes. Every day was a bonus day, every moment precious.”

“’We’ll see this cancer again.’ Dr. Fisher’s words were a call to action. I had little time to waste. Whatever I yearned to do, or dreamed of doing, I must do, and do quickly.“

“I knew the best way to live with fear was to keep moving. Once I started to walk, I was not afraid anymore; all was well.”

“I was now ready to follow the mission bells. I didn’t know where they would lead or how far I could walk. I didn’t care. I would be happy with an hour or a day. Whatever God allowed.”

“I would walk one step at a time, one day at a time, and God would decide how long and how far.”

“I became a walking prayer; each in-breath became ‘grace in,’ and each out-breath became ‘cancer out.’ A thousand steps became a thousand prayers.“

“Each step is always in the present, the next step is always in the future, and no one knows when there will be no more steps and the journey ends.”


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